Welcome to the Tracker

Turn Student Data into Insight

The Tracker, aims to break the barriers between data and insight within education. Opening up the availability of useful performance data to all levels of staff within schools. The need to run reports and build excel spreadsheets are a thing of the past, the data points needed by most staff can be simplified and presented in easy to digest dashboards which are available instantly for groups or individual students.

Tutor Time Revolutionised

Tutor TimeInsight into student performance shouldn’t just be for senior leadership teams, students are the key to improving overall performance and behaviour their self. The Tracker is being used to ensure that every student, knows how they are progressing each week through Tracker focused tutor sessions. Get the students to take ownership of their own progress.


Custom Dashboards

Behaviour ReportEvery school is different in their approaches and needs when it comes to data, so why not customise your dashboards to fit the needs of¬†your school. Use our easy tools to build up customised pages to provide insight across a range of different views. Build up your own collection of dashboards or share them with the rest of the school, it’s up to you.


Lesson Explorer

Lesson ExplorerIdentifying where issues with behaviour happen can often be the first challenge to resolving and improving the behaviour of students. Use the lesson explorer to quickly identify where most of the behaviour events happen across the weekly timetable, fix the problems before they get too disruptive.